TESTBENCH: Ring RPP265 PowerPack

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£185 ringautomotive.co.uk

What this? It looks like an old Land Rover. It is an old Land Rover, but the bit we’re interested in is that box of tricks on its wing.

Why, what is it? It’s the Ring RPP265 High Capacity PowerPack. Think of it as a power station with a handle.

Explain. Inside the case is a thumping great battery (12v 33Ah) and two beefy jump leads. Pop it on the docking station, let it charge and you get a convenient source of power when you’re out and about. It’s a blessing if your car won’t start, or if you find yourself in an off-the-grid hay shed with a dead Land Rover in it.

Explain more. Well, at the weekend, the RPP265 jump-started that Land Rover four times (it can crank engines up to 3.5-litre capacity). Then I connected a compressor to its 12-volt socket and pumped up all four tyres. Its in-built inverter converts DC leccy to AC, so I plugged an angle grinder into its AC socket and ran amok.

Cool. How long before it needs a recharge? No idea. It’s still going strong after a weekend’s-worth of work. There’s a charge indicator and it beeps when the battery needs a top up.

Is it your new best friend? Yes.