Lynn O’Rourke: ‘The trauma of last year barely seems to have receded’

THE dreaded annual camping trip with my sister and our daughters is looming.

Lynn O'Rourke. Picture: TSPL

It’s come round so quickly, the trauma of last year barely seems to have receded. It feels like only yesterday I was wrestling with an enormous groundsheet, cursing a blow-up mattress that in no way was meant to cope with me and two children, and traipsing back from the washing-up area for the 50th time.

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But the kids are so excited I can’t disappoint them. It rained last time. The kind of rain that seeps into your bones never mind your so-called waterproof jacket that you’ve just bought at a knockdown price, which is when you realise why it was such a bargain.

Still, it might not rain – only 85 per cent probability at the moment – I’m also going to try a fold-out bed (provided I can work out how to use it) and I’m going to pack some of those cute little cans of ready made gin and tonics. Quite a lot of them probably.