Lynn O’Rourke: ‘It has been a steep learning curve’

IN a bid to get fitter, and get to and from the office quicker and greener (although the quicker aspect is still a work in progress), I have been cycling to work. I did attempt this a few years back, notched up two scary runs and packed it in.

However, I am back in the saddle and peddling, I’d like to say with the best of them, but really I’m just peddling, sometimes slowly (cycle path), sometimes frantically (car approaching). I am fortunate part of my route involves a cycle track, however I do have to confront the traffic – as well as the incredible amount of potholes in our roads – too. It has been a steep learning curve – trying not to visibly gasp for air at junctions, traffic awareness, pothole avoidance and cycling helmet hair – but, on the bright side, there is all this great kit you can get these days – a whole new world of shopping awaits. There might even be a cycling helmet that doesn’t give me that startled hedgehog look.

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