Lynn O’Rourke: ‘Little and often – the former should be easy enough’

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I VENTURED out into the garden last week. Not for long, admittedly, but I feel it’s a positive step in the year that I really do mean to do something constructive out there.

I was wielding the bird feed I had just found, which I had bought weeks – possibly even months – ago, and had then put somewhere safe in an uncharacteristic bout of organisation. So, the birds were dealt with, the blown-about buckets and spades and skipping ropes and balls were gathered up again and stashed under the sandpit – had I been able to find the key, they might even have made it to the shed.

I retreated, made a cup of tea and stared out the window, convinced the little improvements had made a difference. I decide this is going to be my new approach to dealing with home organisation – little and often. Clearly the first part of this new mode of operation should be easy enough for me, but I may have to work on the latter. In keeping with my new way of thinking, I stumbled across the January Cure (applicable any month apparently) on the Apartment Therapy blog. Daily tasks are set and, if completed, will result in a more organised home at the end of the month. I have to start by making a list of everything that needs done. I start making mental notes and realise it might take me longer than a month. I might need the whole year.

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