Lynn O’Rourke: Baby toy clear-out

Lynne O'Rourke. Picture: TSPL
Lynne O'Rourke. Picture: TSPL
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IN my ongoing battle to clear the clutter at home, I undertake a covert mission to remove the old baby toys from our attic.

It’s tricky, because I need a bit of daylight to see what I’m doing, but daylight generally means kids are around to pounce on old toys. I get most of the stuff out during extended viewing of Tiny Pop before youngest appears, “What are you doing with that Mummy?”


“Is it a present for me?”


“Yay, a present! I LOVE that car game!”

I suggest that if she wants it she has to get rid of something else. Hands on hips she surveys her room, “Well....” she ponders, before hesitantly pointing to a packed shelf, “I don’t think I need those sunglasses just now...”

Not quite what I had in mind.

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This is the last atHome this year. The next issue will be January 5, 2014, so we would like to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes.