Lynn McCrossan: ‘So we made a pact not to act in haste’

ARRIVING at the hugely enjoyable Gardening Scotland Show last Friday with my Dad and my youngest, I was full of good intentions to look but not touch.

I was definitely not going to leave laden with plants that caught my eye simply because they look pretty but that I have a) no idea where to put them or b) no idea what conditions they need to flourish. (Not that I can lay claim to anything much flourishing in our garden – unless it belongs to the dandelion family.) So we made a pact not to act in haste.

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Fifteen minutes later we are both lugging leafy bags and an assortment of garden necessities that clearly neither of us can live without, while juggling the balloon on a stick someone gave my daughter and trying not to injure anyone with her new whirly buzzy bee on a much sharper than I had realised metal stalk.

Back home I’m certain the new plants will fill a space occupied by an overgrown shrub that blocks light to a window, so I rip it out. (Well, I got someone else to rip it out, but I did shout a few words of encouragement.) With hindsight, it may not have been one of my better ideas. The cleared space is much bigger than I imagined and my new plants are lost in a sea of soil. Removing the huge shrub also exposed all the broken bits of fence behind it, which I now need to replace. That whole not acting in haste thing really worked out well.