Lecturer whose film featured at Cannes Film Festival creates stunning time-lapse video of Edinburgh

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A UNIVERSITY lecturer whose short film featured at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival has revealed he is working on a new featurette.

Walid Salhab, a lecturer on Media Practice at Queen Margaret University in Musselburgh, is making a follow-up to Bra-et Al Rouh (Innocence of Spirit), a film starring a young Palestinian girl that draws parallels between homelessness and Palestinian refugees. The film won plaudits after winning an award at the Best Shorts awards in California. The film was subsequently screened at Cannes in May this year.

A screenshot of Walid Salhab's new film, based in Edinburgh

A screenshot of Walid Salhab's new film, based in Edinburgh

Like Bra-et Al Rouh, the new film will be set in Edinburgh. Iconic landmarks such as the Forth Road Bridge and Edinburgh Castle will feature in a story with a subject matter that is similarly contemporaneous.

“The film is about a banker who basically loses all of his money. It’s symbolic of how the banks are falling down,” said Salhab of his new film, which has a working title of The Fall & Rise Of The Banker.

The film is also notable for its use of the time-lapse, where multiple photographs are taken of a scene and put together to create the impression of a moving image.

“I’m working on a low budget, and it’s difficult to make something that’s good on a low budget. I just wanted to make something different, to compete with films with a half-million pound budget.”

Bra-et Al Rouh will be screened at the Artisan Festival International: Hamptons World Peace Initiativ in New York this week.