Laurence Clark: Jim Fixed It For Me


THE show centres on Laurence Clark's being let down badly by Jimmy Savile when he was a teenager. He even has footage of that letdown (complete with a marvellous aside).

Add to that: the problems of using public toilets in a wheelchair; the likelihood of being cured at Lourdes if you're not French; dating, with illustrations from Disability Now; occupational therapists; and being a dad with wheels.

Clark is a smart, likeable guy whose comedy knows no no-go areas.

I didn't really have to know about his whizzing around with a bag of frozen peas over his testicles in the hope of increasing his fertility, but he made it endearingly funny. And the story (complete, again, with illustrations) of his baby son, a bath and his pubic hair is almost too much information, but again, funny.

Of course there is a little bit of politics in the mix - and it comes from the heart. This is not as strong as his previous Edinburgh show, which was powerfully political, but it shows another side to Clark. And it's all good stuff.

• Until August 27. Today 7.30pm