Kick-Ass creator pens cancer-fighting comic strip

Fiona Longmuir, whose mum has survived ovarian cancer, pictured as Hit Girl. Picture: PA
Fiona Longmuir, whose mum has survived ovarian cancer, pictured as Hit Girl. Picture: PA
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SCOTLAND-born comic book author Mark Millar has produced a special edition of his Kick-Ass series where a character takes on cancer.

Millar, whose comic work includes critically-acclaimed editions of the X-Men and Spiderman series, created the new strip in which the character Hit Girl takes part in a Race for Life event for Cancer Research UK.

Millar's strip. Picture: Cancer Research UK

Millar's strip. Picture: Cancer Research UK

In the illustration, Hit Girl declares war on the disease with the words: “ Hey, cancer! I’m coming to mess you up and I’m bringing a whole lot of friends with me!”

Mr Millar said: “I think it’s amazing that women of all ages and levels of fitness take part in Race for Life, united by their absolute determination to take on and beat cancer. Together they are a force to be reckoned with. And that’s why Hit Girl is standing shoulder to shoulder with them in a defiant gesture to cancer.

“Hit Girl is joining the fight to kick cancer’s ass but the women who have been through cancer or support others going through it are the real heroes.”

Fiona Longmuir, 21, from Paisley, has taken on the role of Hit Girl to celebrate the launch of the comic strip.

She was inspired to take part in two Race for Life events by her mum who survived ovarian cancer.

She said: “My dad lost his mum to cancer when I was just a baby. The advances made by research funded by organisations like Cancer Research UK meant that I didn’t lose mine.

“So taking part in Race for Life and fundraising just a little bit of money ... if everybody does that it means that someone else gets to hang on to their parents for a little bit longer.”

Millar worked with Canadian artist Curtis Tiegs on the custom cartoon and the sequel to the hit film adaptation of Kick-Ass, due for release in August, focuses on the story of Hit Girl.

Five Race for Life events take place in Scotland before the end of June, in Falkirk, Edinburgh, Dundee, Kirkcaldy and Aberdeen.