Journalists £25k charity amends for McAlpine error

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A JOURNALIST who wrongly named a Tory peer as a paedophile on Twitter is to carry out charity work to the value of £25,000 to make amends.

Guardian columnist George Monbiot announced the deal after meeting lawyers for the wrongly accused Lord McAlpine. Mr Monbiot said: “I have met with Lord McAlpine’s representatives and they have suggested what is, as far as I can discover, an unprecedented settlement. They would like me to carry out, over the next three years, work on behalf of three charities of my choice whose value amounts to £25,000.

“I accepted the suggestion without reservation.”

Lord McAlpine dropped claims against Twitter users with fewer than 500 followers who wrongly named him as a paedophile, instead asking for a charitable donation. Monbiot has nearly 65,000 followers.