Jim Davidson ‘heartbroken’ over Thatcher funeral ban

Thatcher fan: Jim Davidson. Picture: Getty
Thatcher fan: Jim Davidson. Picture: Getty
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COMEDIAN Jim Davidson has revealed how he was left “heartbroken” after being banned from attending Lady Thatcher’s funeral.

The star, who won last month’s Channel 5 Celebrity Big Brother show, told he was prevented from going because at the time of the former prime minister’s death he had been arrested on suspicion of historic sex offences.

Davidson, a staunch Conservative, said: “It broke my heart, it really struck home as I knew her well. I used to call her Maggie and she liked me. I got a call from the British Forces’ Foundation to say: ‘You can’t go to Maggie’s funeral.

“I said ‘Why, who has banned me?’ They said: ‘Mark, her butler, got a call from “the state”, which must have been Downing Street.

“The Conservatives had stabbed me in the back.”

Davidson, 60, faced ten allegations, dating back up to 35 years, all of which he denied. He was cleared in August after prosecutors ruled there was “insufficient evidence”.