Jeremy Paxman: Independence like marriage break-up

Though Paxman did say he admired Scotland's determination. Picture: TSPL
Though Paxman did say he admired Scotland's determination. Picture: TSPL
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SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE: Former Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman has compared the possible separation of Scotland and England to the marriage break-up of friends.

During his debut appearance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Paxman revealed he knocked back a request to sign the “Let’s Stay Together” letter backed by leading figures, saying he welcomed the prospect of “Scottish self-determination”.

But he added: “I find it really odd that this is supposed to be a union of equals and only one half of the partnership gets to have a vote. Most people in England will regard this much as people regard the break-up of the marriage of friends – you are a bit sad, you can’t necessarily suppose you know or understand all the reasons for it, but you accept it is happening.

“I can understand why many Scots would want to vote for independence. However, I know no nation on Earth that cares more about what is in their wallet than the Scots.

“The big flaw, to me, with the Yes campaign is to argue for self-determination without telling people what they are going to carry in their wallet, whether it is a groat or bawbee. And that’s from someone who’s a quarter Scottish.”

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