Irn-Bru go down ‘cheeky’ route with new advert

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A NEW Irn-Bru advert has been released to help promote ‘Scotland’s other national drink’.

The latest advert using the Irn-Bru #GetsYouThrough slogan is set on a train, and starts by showing us a young man sitting on the toilet.

A scene from the new Irn-Bru advert. Picture: Contributed

A scene from the new Irn-Bru advert. Picture: Contributed

As many train customers may have experienced in the past, the door suddenly opens, revealing the man to two young women on the train, and the woman with the food trolley (stacked with cans of Irn-Bru, naturally).

The horrified man attempts to close the door, but succeeds only in falling flat on his face with his trousers and underwear round his ankles.

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The hospitality assistant then takes a can of Irn-Bru and offers it to the man, saying: “Bottoms up, son.”

After one sip, he is more relaxed and looks at the women saying “Ladies...” while winking.

A cyclist then comes past asking where he can park his bike. Cue another sip of Irn-Bru followed by a ‘Crack on!’ invitation from the unfortunate young man.

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As with most Irn-Bru adverts, the clip is cheeky and relies heavily on Scots humour.

It follows on from adverts centred on last year’s Commonwealth Games and of course, the ‘Fanny’ ad campaign.


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