Introducing...Adele Bethel, singer

YOU may recognise the subtle, sexy vocals of Adele Bethel, the founding member and singer with new band Sons and Daughters. She used to sing with fellow Glaswegians Arab Strap.

"A few years ago I met Arab Strap in a pub, and they were looking for a girl to sing on their record," she says.

While touring with Arab Strap she met Dave Gow, who would become the Sons and Daughters drummer. Then, with the addition of Ailidh Lennon (bass, mandolin, piano) and Scott Paterson (vocals, guitar), Sons and Daughters were born two years ago.

The voices of Bethel and Paterson contrast well, lending themselves to the theme of relationships, so often a feature of their songs. "Everyone in the band is obsessed with buying records. I’ve been going to see live bands in Glasgow since I was 17 years old," says Bethel (she’s now 28). "We listen to 1950s rock’n’roll, 1960s girl groups, funk music, and of course we have a shared love for Johnny Cash. It all just seems to seep into our own music."

Sons and Daughters’ debut single, ‘Johnny Cash,’ is out tomorrow