Institutions snap up Gaelic translation service

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THE first ever translation memory service for Gaelic has already been snapped up by a number of organisations, including the Scottish Parliament.

Developed by the University of the Highlands and Islands learning and information services department, ToMaS aims to speed-up the translation process and ensure greater consistency across texts.

Other major bodies that have already signed up to use the service, which launched today, are Scottish Natural Heritage, NHS Highland, the Forestry Commission and Stòrlann, an organisation that produces and distributes Gaelic curriculum resources.

The service is based around computer software which works a bit like a mobile phone when it comes across new words during texting.

The programme stores previously translated text so it can suggest ready-made translations when new pieces are uploaded.

By encouraging many different people and organisations to use the software, its bank of translated material grows, making the service increasingly effective.

TòMaS will be of use to both in-house and freelance translators as well as the companies that use them.