How to organise a dinner party on a diet

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IS it possible to have a delicious BIG dinner with out pigging out on calories?

That is what our expert panel will discuss later today in our last Scotsman Google Hangout before our BIG night on Saturday, 7th March - when we hope to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds to support the work of Scottish charity 500 miles.

Every pound you donate will be spent helping African children and adults with mobility problems stand up to walk.

Our compere today is the incomparable Tonya Macari, who will also be hosting our live social media party with Fred MacAulay on Saturday night.

She will be joined by two guests who know everything there is to know about eating well…and having fun.

Iain Bell of Executive Fitness Foundation, is a personal trainer and strong advocate for good nutrition and detoxifying the body.

Jacqui Low of Indigo PR, is a slimmer who loves life, good food, friends and fun - but also likes to keep in shape.

The trio will share tips on how to host a low calorie, but still very special, BIG dinner, packed full of flavor and nutrition.

They will show us how to present your food and drinks without your guests guessing they are enjoying a low calorie treat.

They will tell us how to eat well at a lavish dinner party, without consuming too many calories.

And they will suggest some low calorie and healthy drinks to make your BIG dinner go with a swing.

Like most of us Tonya is keen to find out how what is the best low calorie wine!

If you’re BIG dinner is going to be a slimmer’s delight, or you simply want to learn how to eat healthier, then this Scotsman Google Hangout is for you.

And if you haven’t registered your BIG dinner yet, don’t worry, you still have plenty of time to join us on Saturday – sign up here to take part.