Three great gardening gifts to give someone for Christmas

Burgon & Ball at What You Sow
Burgon & Ball at What You Sow
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GABY SOUTAR rounds up the best garden gadgets

You can’t get a green fingered buddy a trowel or secateurs for Christmas – that’s the equivalent of buying someone an ironing board. You also can’t ask them what they want or they’ll come up with something equally boring, like raised bedding or a bag of compost. So here are three nice things they’d probably never treat themselves to, but will be quietly thankful for.

The glove fits

There are gardening gloves and then there are THESE gardening gloves. We’re just worried they’re a bit too nice to wear for outdoors maintenance and the recipient might want to sport them with a prom dress instead.

£14.95, Burgon & Ball at What You Sow (

Take a break

It’s the law that, after a spot of gardening, one celebrates with tea and biscuits. Acknowledge that fact with this tin of nine or more colourful botanical themed iced biccies.

£30, Biscuiteers (

Catch the bug

Available on Waitrose’s website, this kit in a tin contains everything you might need to make an insect house. It’s perfect for small people who are interested in the garden and/or wildlife. Not a fan of bugs? There’s also a build-your-own bird feeder available at the same price.

£12.99, Waitrose (