Beat the January blues by beautifying your home yourself

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A home can look rather dull without the festive cheer of the holiday celebrations, but a New Year’s resolution to spruce up your home with DIY projects can bring the magic back.

For those with busy lives, home improvements are often put to the back of the mind. But with Scots remaining at the same property for 15 years on average, according to the 2018 Barclays Mortgages Home Improvement Report, regular enhancements are essential to keeping a home looking fresh.

Professional organiser Vicky Silverthorn’s handy book, entitled Start With Your Sock Drawer: The Simple Guide to Living Less Cluttered, is an ideal starting point. Its is packed with bite-sized tasks to bring about an organised home and a clear, energised mind.

The guide is full of fun, creative ways to let go of those inherited items and once-seemingly great purchases that have been abandoned in drawers and cupboards for years. And such a refreshing reorganisation is a sure way to beat the January blues.

For 2019, warm tones and floral patterns are in full bloom and something as simple as adding colourful accents with new upholstery or contemporary, bespoke curtains from Scottish designers such as Mairi Helena, Osdin or Jeffreys Interiors can transform a room.

Glasgow-based Timorous Beasties’ wall coverings are similarly unique and can add vibrancy as well as originality. The manufacturer’s exclusive fabrics can breathe life into old antique furniture and turn an old dining or arm chair into a sophisticated piece.

In the kitchen, the transformation can be just as easy. Uninspiring splashbacks can be replaced with stylish geometric patterns or handmade tiles and can revamp the whole space. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, fan-shaped mermaid tiles are making a splash.

In both rooms, bold colours against monochromatic schemes are popular and those who don’t want too messy a job will be keen to explore the variety of peel-and-stick tiles or glass panels that are available at many stores.

Whether the aesthetic is modern or traditional, smart homes are becoming increasingly popular and more and more straightforward to set up, from heating and lights that can be controlled by a voice to video door bells and automatic plant-watering devices.

Turning a home into a smart home may seem like a big job, but your very own grand design can well and truly be brought into the 21st Century with just the use of a mobile phone app and the right instructions for installing the equipment.

What better way to begin 2019 than creating a home to be proud of in the New Year?