Ten happiest places in Scotland revealed

A study has named the top places to live in Scotland.

These are the top ten happiest places to live in Scotland according to the research. Do you agree?

The research, carried out by the Royal Mail, compared places based on categories such as crime rates, life expectancy, access to health care, earnings, reported well being and deprivation levels. Here are the top ten.

The suburban area near Glasgow topped the list thanks to its high scoring in the earnings, believed to be 90 percent higher than other areas in the UK.

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East Dunbartonshire came second in the Scots list. This was due to its low levels of crime and good access to health services.
Also scoring well for health services was Aberdeenshire, which placed third.
Stirling, in fourth place, was found to have a good level of earnings compared with other council areas in Scotland.
The Borders took the next position, with the second lowest level of crime.
Next spot goes to the historic county of Midlothian, which borders a number of the other top places.
East Lothian also has a low crime level, earning its place in the top ten.
Highland has the joint highest score for reported well-being across the UK.
South Ayrshire makes ninth position with its stronger performance in access to local services.
Shetland Islands low crime rate and low deprivation levels edge it past other local authorities.