John Blackwood: Landlords have much to offer to improve housing

During the Holyrood election campaign, all ­parties rightly put solving Scotland's housing crisis at the top of their agenda.

Picture: Lisa Ferguson
Picture: Lisa Ferguson

While the length of this parliamentary term provides an opportunity to achieve this, it is essential that all of our weapons are brought to bear, including ­recognising the role that ­private landlords can play.

SAL represents the growing number of landlords with a small portfolio who are, in essence, small businesses. They operate on very small margins while trying to deliver high-quality rented homes to those who want them. All of them support local supply chains by hiring the tradesmen required to maintain and improve their properties.

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They are also willing and able to increase housing supply, while being socially responsible. To mobilise this group, the government only needs to make very small policy moves to signal to landlords that they have their support.

For example, private landlords already work to bring derelict housing back in to use and provide it at low rent levels to reduce pressure on social housing. If this investment could be encouraged across the country, thousands of homes could be brought back in to use, guaranteeing the landlord an income and giving the council access to high-quality accommodation.

MSPs could also help the overwhelming number of responsible private landlords in Scotland by reviewing the regulation of the sector. Landlords are in favour of proportionate regulation provided it is enforced. Currently, landlords who comply with regulations can be who almost never face any penalties.

Mutually beneficial investment and effective regulation are just two of the issues where I hope the new parliament will seek to engage ­landlords over the next five years. Our message to MSPs is simple: work with us to achieve a well-­functioning private rented sector and together we can help solve the housing crisis.

• John Blackwood is chief executive of the Scottish Association of Landlords