Here's how much the new Prince Charles £5 coin released to mark Prince of Wales' 70th birthday could be worth

A 5 coin commemorating the 70th birthday of Prince Charles has been released (Photo: Royal Mint
A 5 coin commemorating the 70th birthday of Prince Charles has been released (Photo: Royal Mint
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Prince Charles' 70th birthday is to be commemorated with a special £5 coin.

An engraved portrait of the Prince of Wales, who turns 70 on November 14, will feature on a series of souvenir £5 coins, with his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, featuring on the reverse side of the coin.

The £5 coin can be purchased from the Royal Mint with prices ranging from £13 for a brilliant uncirculated coin to £4,000 for a platinum version of the piece.

The 69-year-old is already immortalised on coins which celebrated his 50th and 60th birthdays.

Here's how much the coin could be worth in the not-so-distant future, judging by the prices of previous commemorative coins

Prince Charles 50th Birthday £5 coin

£5 coins celebrating the Prince of Wales' 50th birthday have recently been sold on Ebay for up to £24.95 - a 500% increase in its original value.

Prince Charles 60th birthday £5 coin

A piedfort silver proof version of the £5 coin released to celebrate Charles' 60th birthday was recently sold for £129.95.

Standard silver proof versions of the coin, meanwhile, have sold for up to £25.95.

Queen Elizabeth II 40th Coronation Anniversary £5 coin

Not all commemorative £5 coins have held their value, however.

A coin released to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Queen's coronation was sold on Ebay for £4.21 - 79p shy of its named value.

Queen's Golden Jubilee £5 coin

Released in 2002 to celebrate the Queen's golden jubilee, this £5 coin has crept up slightly in value.

One edition of the coin recently sold on Ebay for £9.

Prince George £5 coin

Released this year to commemorate the fifth birthday of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first child, this £5 coin has also seen a slight rise in value.

A 'brilliant' edition of the coin recently sold for £10.99 on Ebay.