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Travelling frequently for business may seem a glamorous lifestyle but it can have mental and physical effects. Picture: Phil Wilkinson

Lucy Rattrie: Look at ways to manage your life before you suffer business burnout

The term ‘business travel’ tends to evoke images of glamorous lifestyles and all-expenses-paid stop-overs in ­beautiful destinations.

Scotland's national chef, Gary Maclean, serves up  top tips to help Scotland fight climate change. Picture: Stewart Attwood.

Gary Maclean: Chucking good food in the bin is a wasted opportunity

Scottish Government research shows that more than half of Scots think climate change is an immediate and urgent problem. As Scotland’s national chef, I’m urging those ­people to take action in their own homes to help tackle the issue.

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If you want to get out and about to get fit in Edinburgh, here are some clubs to try (Photo: Shutterstock)

9 outdoor fitness clubs to try in Edinburgh

If you find yourself putting off the gym because the weather is too nice, this one’s for you.

Care-experienced kids often need an extra push to take part in physical activity

Tommy George: In care and need exercise? #YouCan do it

This time last year the Scottish Government announced that it would listen to the voices of 1,000 care-experienced people as part of a wide-ranging review into the care system in Scotland.

The parkrun at Cramond, which is staged every Saturday. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Insight: Parkrun - happiness is just a 5K run away

It’s a chilly Saturday morning on Cramond promenade in Edinburgh where dozens of brightly clad joggers are gathered for the weekly parkrun.

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You might want to consider how much you've been drinking before buying some more (Picture: John Devlin)

Leader comment: Cancer can be the deadly price of the demon drink

Alcohol can cause cancer and host of other health complaints that cost Scots 100,000 years of life in 2015, health experts have warned.

Society is in the grip of an obesity crisis which has consequences far beyond the individual.

Leader comment: We’re all paying for this crisis of obesity

Supermarkets’ greed for cash – understandable for private firms that need to make a profit – and our greed for sugar and salt – evolved for good reasons over millennia – have combined to create an obesity crisis so bad that society itself threatens to come apart at the seams.

Alison Douglas, Chief Executive, Alcohol Focus Scotland

Alison Douglas: Does your boozing cause health and family problems?

When I tell someone that I’m chief executive of Alcohol Focus ­Scotland, it’s amazing how many people get defensive about how much they drink. Most of us – including me – like a drink but we also ­disassociate ourselves from some of the more problematic aspects. Many of us stock arguments to reassure ourselves that our own drinking is OK.

Newquay Tretherras Academy Outward Bound Winter Skills Course Loch Eil

Martin Davidson: Get the kids to go outside and they will learn more about themselves

The advantages to young people of outdoor adventure and education have become widely acknowledged in recent years, as evidence has mounted about the positive advantages high quality experiences can bring.

Drivers urged to ask if their journey is really necessary

Killer fumes blamed for road deaths

Ten times as many people are killed by fumes in the air than road traffic accidents; now a new campaign is aiming to improve Scotland’s air quality.

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Some foreign clinics may have lower standards than at home. Picture: Getty Images.

Jackie Partridge: Cosmetic surgery tourists face health risk

Recently, a series of horror stories on botched surgical ­procedures hit the headlines, detailing the shocking results that can occur when ­people travel abroad for surgical ­procedures.

Rebekah Faldon at the bar with a detox smoothie. Picture: Taymouth Marina/Facebook

Perthshire resort offering first teetotal stag and hen parties

It sounds like a contradiction in terms, but one Perthshire hotel is offering teetotal stag and hen parties.

Luke and Hazel Robertson plan to kayak a total of 700 miles, cycle 650 miles, then run 550 miles as cross the frozen Alaskan wilderness

Scots couple in ‘world-first’ bid to cross Alaska

A Scottish adventurer who trekked solo to the South Pole after undergoing brain surgery is aiming for a world first in crossing the entire length of Alaska with his wife using their own power.

Exercise classes are just one way to improve the lives of elderly people  ' but councils could do much more by looking at the services they provide and making changes in many areas of care

Keith Robson: Don’t forget the old when you vote

It might sound slightly ­ominous but the local ­elections are on the way – have you noticed? What with Westminster and Scottish parliament elections, and two referendums, ­choosing your local councillors sometimes doesn’t get the attention it deserves from a vote-weary ­electorate.

Martin Gillespie has been the lead piper with Skerryvore since helping to form the band in Tiree in 2005.

Scots piping star's secret five-year battle with medical condition

One of Scotland’s most successful pipers may be forced to give up playing the instrument - by a rare neurological condition.
The exercise obtained from getting on your bike has significant health benefits.

Kevan Christie: Cycling is healthy but it does carry other risks

The news today that cycling to work can cut your risk of premature death by 40 per cent should provide a boost to calls for the Scottish Government to increase investment in new initiatives aimed at pollution-free transport.

Olympic Gold Medal winner Callum Skinner (back row, arms folded) with fellow riders at Meadowbank Velodrome in 2006

Olympic champion Callum Skinner in plea over stolen bikes

OLYMPIC champion Callum Skinner today made an impassioned plea for the return of the bikes he learned to track ride on after they were stolen from a Capital club.

David Tennant plays the Scottish psychiatrist RD Laing in his latest movie Mad To Be Normal.

David Tennant closes Glasgow Film Festival with RD Laing biopic

David Tennant drew the Glasgow Film Festival to a close as he unveiled his portrayal of a hugely controversial Scottish psychiatrist.

The Assault Bike's fan creates extra resistance. Picture: PA

5 growing exercise trends to look out for in 2017

To ensure lasting results, the way we exercise is going to come under much greater scrutiny, writes Abi Jackson

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