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Society is in the grip of an obesity crisis which has consequences far beyond the individual.

Leader comment: We’re all paying for this crisis of obesity

Supermarkets’ greed for cash – understandable for private firms that need to make a profit – and our greed for sugar and salt – evolved for good reasons over millennia – have combined to create an obesity crisis so bad that society itself threatens to come apart at the seams.

Alison Douglas, Chief Executive, Alcohol Focus Scotland

Alison Douglas: Does your boozing cause health and family problems?

When I tell someone that I’m chief executive of Alcohol Focus ­Scotland, it’s amazing how many people get defensive about how much they drink. Most of us – including me – like a drink but we also ­disassociate ourselves from some of the more problematic aspects. Many of us stock arguments to reassure ourselves that our own drinking is OK.

Drivers urged to ask if their journey is really necessary

Killer fumes blamed for road deaths

Ten times as many people are killed by fumes in the air than road traffic accidents; now a new campaign is aiming to improve Scotland’s air quality.

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Exercise classes are just one way to improve the lives of elderly people  ' but councils could do much more by looking at the services they provide and making changes in many areas of care

Keith Robson: Don’t forget the old when you vote

It might sound slightly ­ominous but the local ­elections are on the way – have you noticed? What with Westminster and Scottish parliament elections, and two referendums, ­choosing your local councillors sometimes doesn’t get the attention it deserves from a vote-weary ­electorate.

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