Haggis Hunt: Week three winners

Whisky can play a key factor in a successful hunt, according to Farquhar
Whisky can play a key factor in a successful hunt, according to Farquhar
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BECOMING a successful hunter of the haggis requires a range of skills that take years to master.

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Each week we’ll unveil a tip that should bring you good fortune in your quest to track down this elusive beastie.

The haggis can hear only certain high pitched sounds with any clarity.

Previous hunters have been spotted whacking turnips with a mallet next to a haggis warren, or fobhríste, however this has been found to have little effect.

It should be noted however that even a light rustling can make these delicate creatures bolt.

By perverse coincidence, the sound the haggis is most sensitive to is that of plaid rubbing on underpants. No-one knows why this should be, perhaps this almost undetectable noise mimics exactly the sound of a golden eagle plummeting towards its target. Whatever the reason, the aim of a haggis hunter who sports underwear will never be true. Hence, the tradition that “true Scots” wear nothing under their kilt.

Anne Smith spotted the most haggi this week and wins a bottle of Whyte & Mackay whisky.


Richard Block United States 1st One square foot of Glencoe Wood from Highland Titles

Anne Smith Scotland 2nd A bottle of Whyte & Mackay whisky

Hazel Young England 3rd Scotsman Calendar

Christine Pien Germany 4th Scotsman Calendar

Tony King England 5th Scotsman Calendar

Christine Stangoe Midlothian, Scotland 6th Scotsman Calendar

laure rose France 7th Scotsman Calendar

Stacy Zamudio United States 8th Scotsman Calendar

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