Haggis Hunt: Week six winners

The Haggis Hunting season is nearing its high point
The Haggis Hunting season is nearing its high point
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BECOMING a successful hunter of the haggis requires a range of skills that take years to master.

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Each week we’ll unveil a tip that should bring you good fortune in your quest to track down this elusive beastie:

The haggis hunters sturdy plaid cloak is known as a “wheesht” because of the swishing sound it makes when worn loose. However, as the hunter stalks nearer to the prey he gathers the cloth about him to deaden the noise of his approach. He tells his companions to do the same by saying “Hud yer wheesht” (“hold your cloak”). This expression has entered colloquial conversation as a means of requesting silence and its origins have largely been forgotten in the general populace.

Ann Perkins spotted the most haggi this week and wins a bottle of Whyte & Mackay whisky.


Linden Montz Colorado, United States 1st One square foot of Glencoe Wood from Highland Titles

Ann Perkins East Sussex, England 2nd A bottle of Whyte & Mackay whisky

Linda Macfarland-Fischer Idaho, United States 3rd Scotsman Calendar

Anne Alie United States 4th Scotsman Calendar

Raymond Purdom MO, United States 5th Scotsman Calendar

Douglas Charleston Belgium 6th Scotsman Calendar

Anne Tyndall NC, United States 7th Scotsman Calendar

Ursula Buttler Germany 8th Scotsman Calendar

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