Great tapestry now on display at New Lanark

The Great Tapestry of Scotland has now gone on display at New Lanark in its first return for four years.

Illustrator Andrew Crummy joins Dorie Wilkie (Head Stitcher, left) and Evelyn Whitelaw (New Lanark Exhibitions Officer, right) at the exhibition.

Its six-week stay, until July 1, will be accommodated in the newly-developed exhibition gallery.

New Lanark first hosted the tapestry back in 2014, exhibiting it to over 13,000 visitors. This time visitors will have the chance to discover the story of the tapestry’s creation through original sketches, photography, memorabilia and memories from those closest to the project.

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For the first time ever, panels from the tapestry - which was the idea of author Alexander McCall Smith - will be exhibited alongside fascinating insights from Dorie Wilkie, Lead Stitcher and her team of 1000+ stitchers who worked on the project across Scotland.

The exhibition will also include original sketches and personal works by Andrew Crummy, the man behind the tapestry’s beautiful illustrative designs depicting key moments in Scotland’s history.

It can be viewed daily between 10am and 5pm.