Garden gadgets

Garden ornaments are, by and 
large, naff and unnecessary. They are suburbia’s accessories; pointless, tacky and in the worst possible taste. 
Well, not always. Instead of traditional cherubs and gnomes, why not opt for something slightly surreal with a heavy helping of irony for 
your plot?

Cat and mouth

Cheeky and comical, this nesting box is in the shape of a mischievous feline. Birds must fly through the open jaws of the cat to reach the safety of the cosy nesting box. Made from marine-grade plywood and well-insulated, it can be hung on a tree or a wall.

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£21 from

Gnome of 
the brave

This blinged-up garden gnome takes a cheeky swipe at his old-fashioned lawn-based cousin. He’s got all the accoutrements of a standard gnome, but comes with a shiny chrome finish. Suitably subversive.

£25 from

Just for fawn

Quite what the purpose of this Bambi ornament is remains unclear, but nonetheless it makes for an interesting, slightly off-beat addition to any outdoor space. That it looks like it might be suitable for target practice is neither here 
nor there.

£14 from