Gadget Review: Gioteck SC-1 Playstation 3 Controller

The Gioteck SC-1 Playstation 3 Wireless Sports Controller. Picture: Comp
The Gioteck SC-1 Playstation 3 Wireless Sports Controller. Picture: Comp
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Gioteck are a leading manufacturer of 3rd party gaming solutions for Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation. Their latest offering is the PS3 compatible SC-1 Wireless Sports Controller.

Designed to make sporting games comfortable the SC-1 gives gamers ergonomic styling and improved control through additional (programmable) buttons for multi-tasking.

If you have found the standard PS3 controller to be a painful experience after several hours of rigorous gameplay then SC-1 is a refreshing upgrade. Sliding it out of compact packaging it fitted perfectly in my clumsy hands. It’s coated in a soft rubberised grip material to combat sweaty palms at those crucial goal-scoring moments.

It looks and feels great too - smooth curves, soft buttons and a rotating D-Pad for added comfort over long periods of gaming. The Gioteck thumbsticks are super fast with a concave thumb design to ensure they stick. The metal-rimmed housing takes a serious battering too - far tougher than the standard plastic on PS3. The analogue sticks have a lower profile and feel quicker for it. It’s a distinctly sporty modification that works well with other game genres where controlled turning is a winning factor.

By re-designed the shoulder buttons (L1, L2, R1 and R2) to be more sensitive, Gioteck have given a snappy, improved response. At the bottom of the middle section you will find the Turbo button which eliminates repeated button bashing. The programmable ‘F’ buttons sit next to Turbo and automate complex tasks. Use the ‘f’ buttons during fighting games to record a combination of analogue stick movements with button combinations to pull off super moves every time.

Some may think this is cheating, but this kind of automation will improve your physical endurance over several hours of gameplay. There’s nothing worse than being let down by tired hands or aching elbows, which penultimately leads to frustration and in some cases, defeat.

It’s hard to fault the SC-1, it looks ace - a futuristic paintjob of red, grey and black is seductively eye-catching and gives off an ‘extreme’ gaming vibe. However with more than a passing resemblance to the XBOX 360 controller, though smaller, it may put off die-hard PS3 gamers who will scoff at the similarity. That said it’s an excellent design which improves on the original blueprint. My only hope is Gioteck release an XBOX version.

The SC-1 is a great controller, with a few minor niggles. The lack of a PS button is a tad annoying - I always turn the PlayStation on via the PS3 button. SC-1 found the PS3 eco-friendly energy settings a little confusing too. After 30 minutes idling the controller continuously scrolled left when turned back on. I found the only solution was to restart the PlayStation, not great but I can live with it.

Gioteck’s SC-1 is a strong contender and may even snatch the crown to become king of controllers if the minor niggles are ironed out. It does what it’s meant to, it has streamlined the original controller and specifically made gaming a less enduring process and it has exceptional longevity. A fully charged unit lasted for 25 hours of gameplay. As you would expect the SC-1 comes with a charging cable and wireless dongle to sync devices. There is great on-line support from a company who make it their mission to improve gaming across platforms.

I found the SC-1 to be a fantastic improvement, and has become my controller of choice for more than just sports gaming (it’s great with COD). Highly recommended.

For: Comfort, features, style and value for money.

Against: Quirky niggles.

£34.99 (approx)