10 ways to get the most out of your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+

An iPhone 6 on display in an Apple store. Picture: PA
An iPhone 6 on display in an Apple store. Picture: PA
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CONSERVE your battery, avoid intrusive ads, improve reception and more with these great iPhone 6 tricks

1. iPhones charge faster when in Airplane mode. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap the airplane icon on the left.

2. Charge your iPhone quicker using an iPad adaptor. For occasions where you need to charge your iPhone 6 even more quickly, use an iPad adaptor.

3. Turn on the Accessibility feature if you have young children. To prevent them messing around with your data, access your settings and click on the General tab. Select Accessibility and enable Guided Access on your device.

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4. Enable longer and more complex Passcodes. iCloud security breaches have put iPhone security at the forefront. To create a longer, alpha-numeric Passcode, go to settings and click on General. Disable the default Simple Passcode setting, and change it to something more complex.

5. Avoiding ads. Your iPhone has a function that keeps track of your browsing activity in order to target you with ads. Although it’s anonymous, some people simply don’t want theur data to go anywhere. To disable this feature, go to your settings, select Privacy, and click on Limit Ad Tracking.

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6. Guide Siri on how to pronounce certain words. Especially useful for us Scots, Siri can be made more useful by being guided on correct pronunciations. If Siri misinterprets, say, a name, tell Siri: “That is not how you pronounce” whatever you’ve just uttered. This will correct the error and reveal a list of alternatives.

7. Access your email drafts and composes messages quicker. If you want to access every single draft message stored in your email account, hold down the Compose icon for three seconds. This will present draft messages in a list format, removing the need to move between separate folders and compositions.

8. Shake your iPhone to undo messages. The iPhone 6’s new Undo feature enables you to redress an error made when typing a new message. Simply shake your iPhone and this option will appear on-screen.

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9. Take a series of images simultaneously. You can take multiple photos simultaneously using the Burst feature. Access the camera app and hold down Capture when framing the image, allowing you more chances to get the best possible shot.

10. Get better reception. The iPhone 6 features LTE, which delivers fast download speeds, but it can also reduce battery life and sometimes limit network connectivity. To avoid this, turn off LTE and go from no signal to full coverage in 3G. Under settings and then General, select Cellular and then Enable LTE to Off.

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