Video: Top ten export destinations for Scotch whisky in 2017

Around 200 global markets helped Scotch exports earn £137 every second in 2017.

Scotch whisky is a cornerstone of the United Kingdom’s food and drink export industry.

According to the Scottish Whisky Association, Scotch exports in 2017 surpassed the previous record set in 2012.

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The 2017 export value increased by 8.9 per cent (£356 million) to £4.359 billion.

2017 was a successful year for scotch whisky exports.

The demand for Scotland’s national drink in emerging markets across the developing world helped whisky sales earn £137 a second in 2017.

As a result, Scotch exports to 200 global markets account for around 20 per cent of all UK food and drink exports.

To give a sense of scale, emerging markets like India and Brazil imported 89 million bottles and 36 million bottles respectively, but still don’t appear in the top ten markets defined by export value in 2017.

In the video above, we look at these ten biggest value markets for Scotch.

2017 was a successful year for scotch whisky exports.