Video food blog: recreating a modern scotch broth

Renowned Edinburgh chef and 2014 Food & Drink ambassador, Mark Greenaway demonstrates his unique and innovative take on the iconic, hearty soup, scotch broth.

Mark Greenway recreating scotch broth
Mark Greenway recreating scotch broth

While creating this traditional family favourite, Mark displays his passion for Scottish ingredients using innovative techniques to present this classic dish in a modern way.

Mark uses the Napier Coffee Machine, established by Scottish inventor James Napier in 1840, to create the delicious scotch broth. But don’t worry, he also explains how to create this tasty recipe the conventional way too.

Mark’s recipe and participation in promoting food and drink throughout 2014 will help cement Scotland’s global reputation as a Land of Food and Drink.

Mark Greenway recreating scotch broth

As Scotland plays host to the 2014 Commonwealth Games, 2014 Ryder Cup and the second edition of Homecoming Scotland, the opportunities to showcase Scotland’s impressive larder are immense.

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