Restaurant Review: Nachos Fiesta, Fountain Park Centre

ENJOY some Mexican flavour this summer without leaving Edinburgh by getting yourself down to Nachos Fiesta at Fountain Park.

This modern Mexican bar and restaurant welcomes customers like old friends. The food is truly delicious and when it’s combined with exotic cocktails and friendly welcoming staff, it really is the place to eat this summer.

With a vast menu, you’ll be truly spoiled for choice when it comes to ordering. antojitos (or starters) set the standard with a mouthwatering selection to choose from. Perhaps a quesadilla – chargrilled tortilla sandwich with coriander chicken, cheese and lime or three cheese and salsa – for £4.50 or a portion of buffalo wings – hot chicken wings with ranch dressing – for £4.95 will take your fancy.

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Moving on to mains, you can opt for something from the specials such as pollo a la crema – chicken breast baked in a creamy mushroom sauce and your choice of potato – (£11.50), or sea bass and king prawns, topped with chilli butter and your choice of potato (£16.75).

If you can’t make up your mind, why not try a dish from the Mexican kitchen with your choice of stuffed fajitas including the poco de todo – a bit of everything! – or a grilled dish such as garlic mayo and jalapeño burger with explosive jalapeño chillies and cooling mayo, (£8.75). A favourite with the men is the Nachos Cowboy Grill – half rack of ribs, 5oz rib-eye steak, chicken and homemade burger served with onion rings, half corn & baked beans. That will set you back £16.75.

What better to accompany your meal than an authentic Mexican margarita or mojito? All cocktails come in a variety of flavours, each one transporting you to the sandy beaches of Mexico.

Nachos Fiesta, Fountain Park Centre, 0131-228 2526,