Irn-Bru set to launch brand new high-caffeine energy drink this summer

AG Barr has announced it is to launch an energy drink version of Irn-Bru this summer.

Irn-Bru Energy will be made from a new formula said to combine the Scottish drink’s flavour with taurine, caffeine, B vitamins and the “taste of an energy drink”.

The official launch will see sugar and no sugar variants hit the shelves from July 1 across Scotland, Ireland and the north of England.

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The new product is to be launched this summer. Picture: Irn-Bru/AG Barr
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Adrian Troy, marketing director at AG Barr, said: “We know there are a huge number of Irn-Bru fans who love energy drinks, so we’re excited to reveal our plans for Irn-Bru Energy.

“Energy drinks are a really fast-growing, exciting market and we’re confident Irn-Bru Energy will wake up and shake up energy drink fans in Scotland and beyond.”

In March the company posted a pre-tax profit of £44.5 million for the year to January 26, down from £44.9 million, while announcing revenue growth of 5.6% to £279 million.

The firm said the results were “all the more pleasing” given the Government’s sugar levy, which led to a revamp in the main Irn-Bru recipe.

It is not the first time the brand has gone down the energy drink route with Irn-Bru 32 launched in 2006.

A tweet dating back to 2016 described it as “a limited edition product” adding “never say never” in reply to a fan asking if it was still in production.