Drones vs seagulls? Our money is on the latter – leader comment

Some may doubt we’ll be having our breakfast delivered by drone within five years.

A gull thinks about breakfast, your breakfast travelling through the air, carried by a drone (Picture: John Devlin)

But just think of the pace of technological change in recent times. Some of us are still getting used to the idea that iPods, which seemed futuristic not that long ago, are now decidedly old-fashioned.

If it’s possible to predict something, it’s probably going to happen – an aphorism that might not actually be wise, but may at least give the appearance of wisdom. People will probably forget if it doesn’t happen in the end.

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So, prepare to tuck into Those Magnificent Eggs in Their Flying Machines or some such. The Scotsman already has its napkin on.

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But – there’s always a but – if there’s one thing we know about the wonders of future technology is that there is usually a hitch. TVs that require a PhD to program, computers that crash at just the wrong moment etc.

Have our culinary drone pioneers considered the skills of the humble seagull, for example? We may also need to prepare for a difficult argument over our new holographic telephone about a drone that left the kitchen fully laden with goodies but arrived picked entirely clean.