Fife bingo hall cuts capacity in major refurbishment

A bingo hall in Fife is to undergo a makeover which will cut its capacity in half.

Carlton Bingo at Fife Leisure Park,  Dunfermline, applied to Fife Licensing Board on Monday to reduce its numbers from 2005 to 946.

It also wants to create a “chat room” area, relocate the bar, stage and bingo caller facilities.

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A representative for the hall said: “There is an amendment of the licence to form two units within the building.

“The Dunfermline premises are described as the most attractive and luxurious bingo clubs in Britain.

“This variation will result in a slightly smaller bingo room, which results in a completely refurbished state of the art facility. There have been no issues or objections raised.”

Councillors at the Licensing board agreed to grant permission to make the changes to the bingo hall.