Feminists urge comedians to stop telling rape jokes

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FRINGE performers have been urged to stop cracking jokes about rape and sexual assault during this year’s festival.

Jim Jefferies, Jimmy Carr, Chris Turner, Chris Dangerfield and Paul Revill are among those targeted by a group of “radical feminists”.

The Feminist Avengers – who have vowed to take “guerrilla action against sexism, misogyny and rape culture” – have sent letters of protest to the comics.

And they have vowed “direct action” against anyone making jokes about rape, sexual abuse, sexual torture and prostitution.

Spokeswoman Clare Zetkin said: “It is estimated that one billion women and girls on our planet have been raped – this is not a laughing matter. However, we have a culture in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Free Fringe; a rape culture where jokes about rape are the norm. Rape jokes are an everyday occurrence at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Free Fringe.

“As a group of radical feminists we have a great sense of humour; but making comedy out of violence against women makes us angry.”

l The contenders for the annual award for the Fringe show carrying an outstanding human rights message have been announced. They are: Mies Julie, at Assembly Hall on the Mound; Why Do You Stand There In The Rain? at C Chambers Street; Theatre Uncut and All That Is Wrong at the Traverse Theatre; The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs at Gilded Balloon Teviot and The Two Worlds of Charlie F at Pleasance Courtyard.