Different breeds of dog have a surprisingly wide range of lifetime costs.

The Cost of Owning a Dog 2022: Here is how much 10 of the most popular breeds of adorable dog with cost across their whole life - including the loving Labrador 🐶

It is a pricey business owning a pup – and you might be a little surprised how much the costs stack up over your dog’s entire loving life.

Having a pet is a popular choice for many, but before making the commitment to get your own it’s important to consider all of the financial costs involved across their lifetime and how much more you could be paying for certain breeds.

Online discount code experts Savoo have analysed the total costs you can expect to pay to own one of the UK’s most popular breeds, analysing the cost to buy or adopt, along with food, insurance, grooming, toys and booster vaccine costs, as well as training classes, and bedding.

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They also looked at the cost of cats, finding that your average feline costs a remarkable £23,077 over the course of its lifetime – surprisingly more expensive thasn the typical pooch that costs a relatively inexpensive £17,848 by the same metric.

And there’s a similar disparity between canine breeds, as these figures show.

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