Some dog breeds are more likely to give somebody a nip - or worse - than others.

Safest Dogs 2022: Here are the 10 breeds of adorable dog least likely to bite, nip and snap - including the loving Labrador Retriever 🐶

With demand for pups continuing to rocket post-lockdown, here are the breeds of dogs that are least likely to feel the need to bite.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a new dog then you’re not alone – Kennel Club figures show that the number of people looking for puppies has surged since the start of the global pandemic.

But with 221 different breeds of pedigree dog to choose from, there’s plenty of thinking to do before you select your family’s latest four-legged addition – whether you want a large dog, family-friendly dog, or crossbreed.

There’s even academic guidance to seek out, with Psychologist Stanley Coren’s book ‘The Intelligence of Dogs’ ranking breeds by instincts, obedience, and the ability to adapt.

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Different breeds of dog also tend to have very different personalities – with some more likely to lash out with nips, nibbles and even bites.

Of course any dog is capable of delivering a damaging bite, while most dogs of any breed are unlikely to do any damage unless seriously provoked, but there are certain breeds who have temperaments making them less likely to be aggressive than other.

So, here are the 10 breeds of dog that are least likely to bite.

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