These are the breeds of dog that will hit you hardest in the pocket following surging prices over lockdown.

Puppy Prices: These are the 10 most expensive breeds of adorable dog in the UK since prices rocketed - including the loving Labrador Retriever πŸ•

The global pandemic has seen demand for puppies increase massively, meaning that prices for some breeds of dog have more than trebled.

Many of us have welcomed new puppies to our families over the last couple of years, as the Kennel Club saw dog ownership soar over the global pandemic.

But the growing demand for some of the most popular breeds has seen prices rocket – meaning a dog will most likely cost you a great deal more today than it would just two years ago.

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Research from pet retailer Pets at Home shows that the average puppy in the UK now costs a hefty Β£1,875 – more than double the average price in 2019.

And some breeds will set you back an average of nearly Β£3,000.

Here are the 10 most expensive breeds of dog in the UK.

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