These 10 cat breeds love to chit chat. Cr: Getty Images/Canva Pro

Most Vocals Cats 2022: Here are the 10 loudest and most talkative breeds of cute cat 2022

Here are 10 breeds of beautiful cat are sure to keep you company with their chatty nature.

Simply the most majestic creatures on the planet, cats are adored the world over by pet owners.

As attested by many through the decades, once you have been in the company of these beautiful and cuddly kitty cats, it’s easy to become quite obsessed!

Did you know, is it reported that the average cat owner actually owns a minimum of two cats – though we are sure you may know some with many more.

However, if you are looking to add a cat that will keep you company and make sure you know you’re loved with the love of a cat chat, then these 10 beautiful and bold breeds are sure to suit your needs, according to Purina.

*While cat breeds do share similar traits, we advise each cat do have their own personality and individual needs, which is of primary importance when taking a cat into your home. Please be aware of this if adopting a cat.

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