Want to keep your cat cool this summer? Try these 9 expert tips. Credit: Getty Images/Canva Pro

Keeping cats cool in hot weather: 9 tips to help your cute cat stay cool in the sun 🐱

Here are 9 ways you can keep your precious cat cool in the sun, as another heat wave approaches the UK.

With a forecast that indicates another heat wave is on the way, our friends at PetSafe have helped us put together some expert tips for owners of Scotland's 785,000 cats on how to help them stay hydrated and healthy as temperatures soar.

While a nice summers day is definitely welcome in Scotland – it makes a change from the rain! – we can all ensure that our furry four-legged friends don’t get too warm and are able to cope when the temperatures go up a notch this August.

Does your house have a gorgeous kitty cat that needs to be kept cool in the summer heat? Then read these 9 experts tips which are sure to help.

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