Some dogs are naturals when it comes to protecting their owners' home, while others would be more likely to welcome an intruder with open arms.

Guard Dog Advice: These are the 10 best and worst breeds of adorable dog to protect your home and family - from Rottweiler to Labrador

Looking to add a puppy to your family and want a pet that will protect your family and home? Here are the breeds that will fiercely guard their territory and those that are likely to be too friendly for the job.

Plenty of us decided to welcome new four-legged friends into our homes in the last couple of years – according to Kennel Club figures dog ownership soared by nearly eight percent – and post-lockdown demand for puppies remains high.

There are a whopping 221 different breeds of pedigree dog to choose from, alongside numerous crossbreeds, so there’s plenty of thinking to do before you select your family’s latest addition.

There’s even academic guidance to seek out, with Psychologist Stanley Coren’s book ‘The Intelligence of Dogs’ ranking breeds by instincts, obedience, and the ability to adapt.

One thing worth considering before making a decision is that some breeds of dog can be very useful to protect your family and home, as well as being a great pets and companions.

Meanwhile, other types of canine are just no good at being guard dogs – lacking the territorialism, courage and alertness required.

Of course there are always exceptions, but in general these are the 10 breeds of dog you should – and shouldn’t – trust to guard your house.

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