A few simple tips can keep your dog - and your plants - safe in the garden this summer.

Gardens For Dogs 2022: Here are 10 expert tips on pet-proofing your outdoor space when you get a new dog 🐶

Summer is finally here and it’s a time when you want to enjoy your garden – along with your four-legged friends.

With Kennel Club registrations up by almost 40 per cent in a single year, many of us will be enjoying our first summer with our new pup.

So it’s important to realise that our homes’ outdoor spaces can prove dangerous for pets – while dogs and other animals can also prove to to be destructive to gardens, plants and lawns.

With this in mind, the experts at insurance comparison site comparethemarket.com have shared their advice on helping protect your garden from pet damage whilst also ensuring your space is safe for animals so they don’t harm themselves.

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