Different breeds of dog are prone to different levels of aggression.Different breeds of dog are prone to different levels of aggression.
Different breeds of dog are prone to different levels of aggression.

Dog Aggression Levels: These are the 10 least and most aggressive breeds of dog - from Chihuahua to loving Labrador Retriever ๐Ÿ•

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Prospective owners should note that different breed of dog are likely to show differing levels of aggression.

If youโ€™ve been thinking about getting a new dog then youโ€™re not alone โ€“ Kennel Club figures show that the number of people looking for puppies has surged to record levels in the last few years.

But with 221 different breeds of pedigree dog to choose from, thereโ€™s plenty of thinking to do before you select your familyโ€™s latest four-legged addition โ€“ whether you want a large dog, family-friendly dog, or crossbreed.

Thereโ€™s even academic guidance to seek out, with Psychologist Stanley Corenโ€™s book โ€˜The Intelligence of Dogsโ€™ ranking breeds by instincts, obedience, and the ability to adapt.

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Before they were domesticated, dogs had to fight for everything from food to territory โ€“ so signs of aggression were essential to their survival.

Many of these has been bred out to create the perfect family dogs we know today, but some breeds are more likely to retain an aggressive side than others.

There can be good reason for this โ€“ for example for those used as service or guard dogs โ€“ but prospective owners should be aware that this is the case before choosing to welcome a certain dog into their homes.

It should also be said that individual dogs may display attributes that are unusual for their breed, and all dogs have the potential to be aggressive in certain situations.

Here are the 10 breeds most likely to show signs of aggression โ€“ including growling and snapping.

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