Some dogs are simply born fluffy.

Cuddly and Snuggly Dogs: These are the 10 breeds of adorable dog that have the softest and fluffiest coats - including the loving Bichon Frise ๐Ÿถ

If you are looking for a new dog and a luxuriant, fluffy coat is top of your canine wish list, then there are certain breeds you really should consider first.

Thursday, 28th July 2022, 11:24 am

Prospective owners looking for a new puppy have 221 different breeds of pedigree dog to choose from, along with numerous crossbreeds, so thereโ€™s plenty of thinking to do before you choose your new best friend.

The last couple of years have seen many of us add a new furry friend to our families, with the Kennel Club reporting that dog ownership has risen by nearly eight per cent since the start of the pandemic.

Those with active lifestyles might want to consider a larger dog, while somebody with allergies will be looking for a hypoallerganic dog.

Meanwhile, some people prize a soft, fluffy coat over all other attributes โ€“ a dog that seems to have been designed to be cuddled.

Here are the 10 fluffiest dog breeds, according to the American Kennel Club.

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