These 10 breeds of cat are most likely to get along with other cats in the household. Cr: Getty Images/Canva Pro

Cats cuddling cats: Here are 10 cat breeds that get along with other cats - including the gorgeous Russian Blue cat

Here are 10 breeds of cute cat that will likely get along with other cats in the household.

Worshipped for hundreds of year by their owners, many will attest, once you have been around an adorable cuddly cat, it’s hard not to be obsessed by their furry little faces and bean toes!

Reports even say that the average cat owner actually owns a minimum of two cats – though we are sure you may know some with many more.

And, of course, all cats are beautiful, but if you’re looking to add an extra kitty to your household, you want to make sure they are happy, safe and get along with other cats in the household.

So, if you are looking to bring another cute kitty cat in your home, but want to ensure they can adapt to your other kitties already living with you, then these breeds are reported to be the best at mixing with other cats according to*

*While cat breeds do share similar traits, we advise each cat do have their own personality and individual needs, which is of primary importance when taking a cat into your home – especially when a dog or another animal is involved. Please do check that your dog, and the cat you are adopting, are suitable for homes with dogs.

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