There's a lot more to washing your dog than just popping them in the bath with some bubbles.

Bathing a Dog 2022: These are 10 expert tips on the best way to bath and wash your adorable dog 🐕

Dog bathing can prove to be quite the challenge for many dog owners, and is often postponed for as long as possible – with neither human or pet particularly enjoying the process.

But it’s a job that needs done, particularly if your pooch has rolled in something smelly, and online searches have doubled recently on how to do it properly.

To help out the thousands of people who have recently welcomed pets into their homes over the global pandemic, the experts at online shower retailer have researched the top tips for bathing your dog at home.

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And for those who find their dog hates the idea of hopping into the bathtub Martin Smith, owner of, has some specific advice, explaining: “For those dogs that hate being bathed, it is important to normalise the bathtub. Many of us wash dogs very infrequently to the point that dogs feel nervous about being bathed. However, you can attempt to use the bathroom and tub when it's dry as a feeding location - creating a positive association with being in or near the bathtub. Another tip that works well is to place a Licki mat in the bathtub so that the dogs can have a treat, and are distracted while in the bath.”

So, here’s how to correctly bathe a dog.

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