It's hard to stay angry at even the naughtiest of dogs when they're as cute as this.

Bad Dogs: The 9 most naughty but adorable dogs in the UK - including Laya who ate 20 pairs of shoes 🐶

A nationwide competition uncovered some of the most out of control dogs in the whole of the UK.

Plenty of us decided to welcome new four-legged friends into our homes in the last couple of years – according to Kennel Club figures dog ownership soared and post-lockdown demand for puppies remains high.

When they are young many dogs can be destructive – chewing socks, shoes and other interesting items they find around the house.

Most respond to training and grow out of their naughty phase, but others can be more stubborn, continuing to ruin their owner’s possessions.

Meanwhile, some pooches are eternally hungry and always on the lookout for a bin to raid, or a piece of food left unattended on a kitchen worktop.

Home contents insurance providers SO-SURE set out to find the UK’s naughtiest pet, with a £200 Next voucher up for grabs, and were inundated with entries.

Here is the mischievous winner and the other naughty contenders.

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