Some dogs find it very hard to be left alone.Some dogs find it very hard to be left alone.
Some dogs find it very hard to be left alone.

Anxious Dogs: Here are the 10 breeds of adorable dog most likely to suffer from separation anxiety left alone - including the loving Labrador ๐Ÿถ

Some dogs find it difficult to adjust to being alone โ€“ a problem that will have been amplified by many pups having started their lives with constant human company over the pandemic lockdown.

Dog ownership has soared to record levels over the last few years according to the Kennel Club and there seems to be no letting up in the popularity of pups, as prices continue to rise as demand outstrips supply.

The breed of dog you choose is very important, with different types suiting people with different lifestyles.

Some breeds are likely to hate being left alone for long โ€“ potentially suffering separation anxiety.

Symptoms of the condition includue destructive behaviour, signs of stress, persistant howling or whining, and even stomach complaints.

Here are 10 of the breeds that are most susceptible to suffering from separation anxiety, according to the American Kennel Club - pups you should avoid if you intend to leave them for more than a couple of hours a day.

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