Ancient art often portrays dogs which are similar to modern breeds.

Ancient Dogs: Here are the 10 oldest breeds of adorable dog that date back millennia - including the historic Pekingese ๐Ÿ•

Dogs have been manโ€™s best friend for many thousands of years โ€“ some of todayโ€™s breeds having been around since ancient times relatively unchanged.

Itโ€™s thought that the dog was the first domestic breed of animal, with archaeologists discovering confirmed dog remains in human graves dating back as far as 14,700 years ago.

Some believe that animals related to the wolf were used as companions up to an amazing 36,000 years ago, when humans first became hunter gatherers.

Many of these breeds have since become extinct, while others have thrived and survived.

Here are the 10 oldest breeds, according to scientists.

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