Eskbank author on the write tram track

Angela Grant from Eskbank has made a successful career change to become an author, after the Edinburgh trams ended her fashion business.

Angela Grant, of Eskbank, who has written her first novel at the age of 75. 15/10/18

Last month Angela released the short story ‘If I only Knew’ through Melrose Books, after years of running The Extra Inch fashion shop in Edinburgh’s West End with her sister Christine Cooper.

Angela explained why she wrote this romantic novel set in Africa: “Edinburgh Council decided to put in the trams and shut off the streets at the West End. We became an island and our customers couldn’t get to us. Lots of businesses couldn’t make it. We lost the shop.

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“I have never written anything before. I said to my husband ‘I’m not retiring at 71’. But at that age who would employ me? So I thought, I’m going to do something I have always wanted to do but never had the time.

“I know about Botswana and Morocco so I sat down and did it. It just started to flow and took off from there. On and off it took a couple of years. I would leave it for a while then all of a sudden think of something and go back to it.”

The book’s main female character, Julie Marshall, only ever wanted was to become a renowned international chef, owning her own Michelin star restaurant, until her infatuation, which led her to a relationship, took her to Morocco where an earth-shattering experience opened a new chapter in her life in Botswana.

It was while working in the African bush, amidst crime and murder, that she made the most life changing discovery and now faced a decision that she would have to live with, or face the dire consequences that would place her life in enormous jeopardy with no way back.

Angela has been delighted with the reaction to her debut novel and has high hopes.

She said: It was absolutely wonderful. I couldn’t believe it.

“I think it has been a great success and is getting a lot of interest. It’s a girls’ chick flick type of book. It’s got intrigue and a bit of love in it.

“The publisher said it have never read anything like it and that it was very original.

“I could see it as a two or three part series on TV. That’s just my opinion. If the book sells it would be wonderful. It entertains you. That’s the bottom line.

“I’m not sure about a follow-up right now. I’m going to wait and see how this goes.”

If I only Knew’ is available to buy from